BJBE Sanctuary
Deerfield, IL

Mike Konopka did the acoutical and audio systems designs for Congregation BJBE's new 600 seat Sanctuary located in Deerfield, IL. The acoustical design features a K-13 spray-up acoustical ceiling treatment to reduce outside noise, and to hit specified reverberation decay times. Also, part of the absorption plan was NRC rated wall fabrics and padded pews which help the room's acoustics maintain absorption with varying sized audiences.

The Sanctuary LCR audio system features an QSC powered EV loudspeaker array with delay zones under the Loge and in some Balcony positions. Additionally, Earthworks choir mics were flown in the Cascade for the time when a choir sings from that position. A Beheringer X32 digital console along with a Tricaster video system are in place at front of house.

The project's architects were Finegold Alexander & Associates of Boston, MA, and the general contractors were Krusinski Construction Company. Pat McCarthy of SPM audio (shown in bottom image below) assisted with the audio system's installation for Mike's Thundertone Audio.


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