Mike Konopka Client Recommendations

Mike Konopka client recommendations include:

“Mike, many thanks for all the sounds”
Ray Davies / The Kinks

Expert Audio Engineer Mike Konopka Client Recommendations
Ray Davies Storyteller

“Mike Konopka was terrific; punctual, aggressive, forward-thinking, knowledgeable, thorough, hard working, and PERSONABLE! The whole gig was safe in his hands. Imagine that.”
Mark Greenhouse / National Public Radio

“Your work on this project was first-rate and I had a great time working with you. I hope you are as pleased with the results as we are. Thanks again for all your hard work.”
Kelly Leonard / Producer, The Second CityExpert Audio Engineer Mike Konopka Client Recommendations

“I truly appreciate the way you stuck thru the process ’till the end, always willing to change things for the better and not to settle on the easy way out.”
Tim Fiori / Director, The Blue Rider Theatre

“Great Drysdales recording of “I Go To Pieces”! Del would have loved it!”
Dan Bourgoise / Del Shannon’s Manager ’67-’90Expert Audio Engineer Mike Konopka Client Recommendations

“We really could not do this without you! It puts me at such ease to know that you are there supporting everything we do with a beautiful, positive energy that is infectious! With deep gratitude!
Cantor Jennifer Frost / BJBE

Mike Konopka Client Recommendations

“You had already earned the undying respect of the ‘Moviegoers’ with the initial eight song demo. With this latest effort, you have also earned the title of ‘Producer.’ But more importantly, you have assisted a group of young and talented musicians in documenting their musical visions and to feel real confidence in their talent.”
Lyman E. Wagers, Jr. / The Moviegoers

“I extend heartfelt thanks for your artistic contributions. We really appreciate all the hard work and fine talent that you shared with us.”Expert Audio Engineer Mike Konopka Client Recommendations
Suzan Albert Lowenberg / CTOA & WFMT radio

“Thanks for yet another great year of great grooves, big adventures, and the very best musical companionship. You are a great pal and a great colleague.”
Stuart Rosenberg / Long Dog Studios

“Here are copies of the album, which both Worth and I feel would not have happened without you. It was your encouragement and unfailing support that made us think we might be able to do it. I’m pretty proud of this thing. You should be, too.”
Liam Davis / Hear Diagonally Records

“You are an amazing man; given your abilities, I would think you’d be far less patient!”
Michael McCarthy / Amnesty International

“After our special service in honor of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.I must say that much of the success of the event was because of your wonderful efforts insuring good sound quality. As always, it is a pleasure to work with you and learn from you. You are wonderful in every respect.”Expert Audio Engineer Mike Konopka Client Recommendations
Bekki Kaplan / Executive Director, Beth Emet

“Thanks for all of you hard work and support in Fulton, Missouri during the first National Audio Theatre Festival. You helped make the first endeavor a true success, with your professionalism, great spirits, and enthusiasm and endurance.”
Jane Pipik / WGBH radio, Boston

Mike Konopka Client Recommendations

“Thanks for your insight and time spent. I appreciate it all the more knowing the type of schedule you’ve been working with and the professional demands you’re under.”
Christopher Grey / Songwriter

“Mike, Thank you for all your hard work and dedication. We could not do what we do without you. Eternally grateful!”
Karyn Kedar / BJBE

“I can’t tell you how much I feel about your great Expert Audio Engineer Mike Konopka Client Recommendationswork. Thanks for everything.”
Don Stille / Keys To My Heart

“Mike Konopka, the music mix sounded immaculate as always. Thanks to you for a great experience.”
Matt Spiegel /Executive Producer WXRT

“Thank you so much for all that you do. You make my job easier. I know I can trust your judgement and ears.”
Cantor Andrea Rae Markowicz / Am Shalom

“Thanks again for everything you did to help us with our CD project. Besides the quality of your work, which is always outstanding, your attitude and overall posture are so facilitive and encouraging. We appreciate your expertise, musicality, and friendship”
Rachel & Chuck Rosenberg / Shakshuka

Mike Konopka Client Recommendations
Expert Audio Engineer Mike Konopka Client Recommendations
Mike working at Konk Studios London

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