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Next time the guitar player whips out his Foxy Lady wah pedal for a 3:00am overdub, take a moment to show him this truly bizarre technique. Here's how it's done: First flip the connections on the wah pedal. That's right, plug the guitar into the "To Amplifier" jack, and the line leading to the console input or guitar amp into the "From Guitar" jack.

Now turn up the volume and tone pots on the guitar fully and switch on the pedal. The output from the guitar strings will be muted but the pedal should be wildly oscillating. By varying the tone and volume pots and by diddling the pickup switch many cool and far-out effects can be achieved. Add a little echo and verb and, Voila! Instant flashback!

This effect can be heard on Pink Floyd's "Meddle" lp on the cut

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