Time Warp was built in the basement of a four bedroom house in beautiful Barrington, IL. Based on Ron's needs, I designed the rooms which feature floating floors, bass trapping, and a de-coupled ceiling. The trick in the basement is to contain the the SPL's and let the family upstairs forget what's actually going on below. I remember leaving many late night sessions with everyone sleeping upstairs peacefully. Ron Cannon was the General Contractor for the studio.

This studio was profiled in a November 1999
EQ magazine "Room With A View" feature. Can you spot the U-87?

Ron Fox & Mike at Time Warp after a mixing marathon for The Drysdales debut album. That's a Soundtacs Topaz linked to DA-88's. I'm leaning on my old Moog Parametric EQ's

Soundproof  stairwell details include floating double-wall construction, sheetblock, and lots of drywall, insulation and bass trapping. That's the control room through the double-wall window on the right.

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