My Seagrape Studios co-designer and longtime audio friend, Rob Jones contacted me to design and install the acoustical treatments for The School Of The Art Institute's Gene Siskel Film Center projection room. Film guru James Bond of Full Aperture Systems did the systems design and equipment installation for what is said to be one of the finest film viewing experiences in the country. Ron Cannon, and Alex Villenchik brought my acoustic design into reality. Thanks guys!

That's right Bunky, those are vintage 1950's Simplex projectors that have now been fully modernized to today's standards. The best of old and new for your film viewing pleasure. I needed to tame down the Simplex's operating noise  as part of my plan.     

So to quiet down those beautiful and rare Simplex's I made use of a combination of thick acoustic fabric, and carefully placed acoustic absorbtion panels. Colors to compliment the projectors of course!

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