Alas, the old Seagrape is now a bakery on west Montrose in Da City O' Chicaga.
(The second Seagrape is presently a studio called "Hot Ham & Cheese" btw.)

But back in 1983, we cut lots of dance music, (Harvey Mandel, The Hot Mix Five, Danny Alias)  heavy metal, (Iron Cross, Genocide, Lynch, Motorhead) rockabilly, (Big Daddy Sun & Hi-Fi) blues, rock, and comedy too. The now deceased Second City renagade director Del Close cut with Close, Lemming, & Coven at the Old Grape. Tom Tom Washington cut horns here after his big "
No Jacket Required" Phil Collins status was cemented on FM radio. I also cut my first drum machine tracks on an early Linn here too.

My former partner Tom Haban (from Wilderness Road) and I made so many friends at this joint. Mickey Oliver, Mark Springer, Eddy Ulm, Ray Kasper, Brian Foster, Rick & Mary Stang, Dayna Calderon, and my trusty general contractor Ron (Big Daddy) Cannon to name only a few. Loyal patrons were issued flyswatters to swat at the myriad of cockroaches that seem to come out late at night from the upstairs tenants. And now it's a bakery.
Go figure!

Behold the first, and now long extinct  Seagrape control room. That's an early 16x8x8 Neotek Series 1 with lit assigns. Next to it is a Quad Eight monitor desk. MacIntosh 2205 amps powered the big JBLs, and a 2" MCI 16 track kept things punchy and honest. I learned patience, a trade, and cut many memorable sides in this humble storefront studio. Remember Vinyl?

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