Alas, the old Seagrape is now a bakery on west Montrose in Da City O' Chicaga.
(The second Seagrape is presently a studio called "Hot Ham & Cheese" btw.)

But back in 1983, we cut lots of dance and house music, (Harvey Mandel, The Hot Mix Five, Danny Alias)  heavy metal, (Iron Cross, Genocide, Lynch, Motorhead) rockabilly, (Big Daddy Sun & Hi-Fi) blues, rock, and comedy too. The now deceased Second City renagade director Del Close cut with Close, Lemming, & Coven at the Old Grape. Tom Tom Washington cut horns here after his big "
No Jacket Required" Phil Collins status was cemented on FM radio. I also cut my first drum machine tracks on an early Linn here too.

My former partner Tom Haban (from Wilderness Road) and I made so many friends at this joint. Mickey Oliver, Mark Springer, Eddy Ulm, Ray Kasper, Brian Foster, Rick & Mary Stang, Dayna Calderon, and my trusty general contractor Ron (Big Daddy) Cannon to name only a few. Loyal patrons were issued flyswatters to swat at the myriad of cockroaches that seem to come out late at night from the upstairs tenants. And now it's a bakery.
Go figure!

Behold the first, and now long extinct  Seagrape control room. That's an early 16x8x8 Neotek Series 1 with lit assigns. Next to it is a Quad Eight monitor desk. MacIntosh 2205 amps powered the big JBLs, and a 2" MCI 16 track kept things punchy and honest. I learned patience, a trade, and cut many memorable sides in this humble storefront studio. Remember Vinyl?

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