When my old Pentwater bandmate Ron Fox moved out of the old house that housed Time Warp I, it was to a spacious, woodsy parcel of property in Lake County, IL. And instead of putting the studio into a basement as with the first studio, he elected to house the new Time Warp in a separate coachouse already on site. So it really was a new challenge to adapt a small, two bedroom house into a functioning studio. A Music From Big Pink concept you might say.

Ron Cannon was again the General Contracor and we used bass trapping, floating floors, and sheetblock faced doors to help maintain high STC ratings while only building one new wall!

The Time Warp II control room features an automated Sountracs Topaz desk, 24 tracks of DA-88, Genelec & JBL monitoring, a Studer analog mixdown deck, and  lots of outboard goodies. While we're working we sometimes see deer playing just outside the studio!

This is the vocal booth/overdub room. We also have tie lines to all these vintage amps so we can keep 'em isolated while we cut drums, etc in the big room.

This is a basstrap wall that's still to be buttoned up. You can also see the floating floors that run throughout the entire coachouse studio.

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