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            Cool Brit Consoles I've Encountered

   This is the Neve 8048 at the Kinks' Studio, KONK in scenic North London. It's 48x32x16 and it sounds lovely! This GML automated desk was once owned by Pink Floyd. Note the built-in scope at upper right!
   I remixed for the "
Kinks Singles Collection", and also cut music tracks for Ray Davies' "Storyteller" album on this Neve as well. Many Kinks classics were cut on this baby.

   This retro-space age looking beauty is actually a 16 input Helios.
It is housed in a former British Pub in West London owned by Eddy Mander.
   This desk was once used by 10cc and it appears to be the actual Helios that the group's "
Original Soundtrack" LP was cut on including the hit "I'm Not In Love", off of that album.

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