Mike Konopka's Theatre Sound Design
Credits include:

The Second City Mainstage
  "It Was Thirty Years Ago Today"
  "Winner Takes Oil"
  "Economy Of Errors"
  "Truth Justice, or the American Way"
  "Take Me Out To The Balkans"
  "Are You Now, Or Have You Ever Been Mellow?"
  "Old Wine In New Bottles"
The Second City ETC
  "America Lite"
  "Our Town or Cash Stations Of The Cross"
  "We Made A Mesopotamia, Now You Clean It Up"
  "Where's Your God Now Charile Brown"
  "Disgruntled Employee Picnic"
  "One Nation Under Fraud"

Other Productions
  "Little Patch Of Heaven" STARS Family Services
  "Buchanan's Finest Hour"  Terry Jones & Michael Palin        "The Joe Show" / Joe Liss
   "Activities of Daily Living" / Blue Rider Theatre
  "Spring" / Bernie Sahlins
  "Chicago Theatres On The Air" series / WFMT
  (Mike Konopka as Foley Artist)

Among the many actors, directors, and producers Mike Konopka has worked with :

Marsha Mason,  Del Close,  Nate Herman,  Dennis Franz, Jeremy Piven, Bret Spiner, Gates McFadden,  Joyce Sloane, Richard Kind, Michael Gellman, George Wendt, Chris Farley, Joe Liss, Tim Meadows, Rob Neuhause, Joel Murray, Dave Pasquesi, Rachel Dratch, Ruby Streak, Linsay Crouse, Craig Taylor, Michael McCarthy, Steve Carell, Ron West, John Rubano, Jill Talley, Paul Winfield, Mark Beltzman, Fran Adams, Michael Tucker, Ruth Rudnick, Sheldon Patinkin, Tom Gianis, Amy Sedaris, Paul Dinello, Steven Colbert, Robert Klein, Jackie Hoffman, John Randolph, Julie Harris, David Razowsky, Scott Allman, Kelsey Grammer, Scott Adsit, Rose Abdoo, Dan Gillogly, Suzan Albert Loewenberg, Rob Bronstein, Kevin Michael Doyle, Jill Eikenberry, Pat Finn, Cheryl Sloane, Amy Morton, Andrew Alexander, Barb Wallace, Adam McKay, Ken Campbell, Ian Gomez, Nia Vardaloz, Mitch Rouse, John Hildreth, Karol Kent, Aaron Rhodes, Faith Soloway, Joe Mantegna, Arye Gross, Tim Kazurinsky, & The Musical Moms, to name a few.

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