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Mike Konopka provided design and consulting services for this stunning new audio/video facility located in the historic former Blatz Brewery Building in Milwaukee, Wisconson. Mike worked with owners John Tanner & Bob Monagle, architects Richard Woods & Associates & John Hinzmann, and the contracting firm of Hunzinger Construction who are well known for their work at famed Miller Park, home of the Milwaukee Brewers.

Tanner- Monagle features three audio production control rooms, each with its own recording booth, a video editing suite, a dramtically large central recording studio with 21 foot ceilings, a roomy lounge & kitchen that doubles as a live recording space, production offices, and a reception area. There is nothing else like it in Wisconsin!

You can reach Tanner-Monagle directly at: 414 727 8190
or on the web at:http://www.tannermonagle.com

This is a view of the very large central recording studio. This studio can be used by any of the four control rooms at Tanner- Monagle. And the floated wooden floor sounds lovely!
Here's a view of the large studio looking back the other direction. Note the curtain tracks at the top of the photo. Curtains allow the studio's acoustics & look to be suited for the current session.

This is a view of the Audio North Suite #1. It features a large Pro Tools rig and it's own recording booth. There are also excellent site lines to the large central studio
On the other side of the facility is John Tanner's Audio Suite. It enjoys natural light, and exposed creme city brick incorporated in it's acoustic design.There's a booth around the corner too.

Upstairs and above the Audio North Suite #1 is the Audio North Suite #2. Sam Ecoff does his compostion and mixing work here in this comfortable space that also features it's own recording booth.
This is Bob Monagles Video Suite which is adjacent to John Tanner's Audio Suite at the north end of the beautiful new space. Tie lines connect all of the suites for post production purposes.

A view looking down from the client lounge to the large recording studio below. You can see the Audio North Suite #1 and it's recording booth which both look into the roomy studio.
This is the view coming out of the Audio NorthSuite #2. You can see the entrance & reception area for the Tanner- Monagle complex.

Mike Konopka's Photo Journal Of
The Construction of Tanner Monagle Studios

Early in the construction phase the I beams that once supported the famous Blatz Brewery stainless steel tanks are cut off flush with the Creme City brickwork. Framing is just visable on the right. This complex will have two floors.The north end, with one control room and booth inverted over the other control room. The south end has side by side control rooms. Let's isolate!
Looking south we see the video suite framing at lower left and an audio control room on the lower right. Above is the framing for what will become the loung.kitchen/live recording room. Behind these are production offices. This picture was shot from the large central studio. Unlike some of my other designs, the framing is anchored to structure to support the second floor.

In order to decouple the mass and float the walls off the anchored structure, metal hat channel is installed. You can see it running horizontally across the framing.
Here's how the hat channel anchors pliantly to the wall studs with neoprene clips. This way the wall mass floats off the anchored structure, and the stucture holds up the rooms above.  

A look at the low voltage wiring pulls for one of the Tanner -Monagle control rooms. Lots of wiring pulls with four control rooms including audio, network, & headphones. All cable is protected carefully.

Note the floating ceiling details including hanging isolaters and John Hinzmann's foam encapsulated joists. No noise from control rooms above allowed!


Producers, engineers, & musicians all love my floating floor designs. They're cost effective, easy on your legs, and help isolate and localize sound at it's source.
Next up it's layers of sheetrock anchored to those hat channels pictured ealier. Check out the pliant seams where walls meet the floating ceiling. Also pictured are the hangers for the lighting grid. This place is tall!  

Here's the finished lighting grid ready for instuments. In addition to music composition, and audio recording, Tanner- Monagle shoots video for their client's productions in their great new space.
These are the thickest solid core doors you can find. Each door mounts with four heavy duty ball bearing hinges and uses a dropsweep system to automatically seal upon closure. They weigh over 400lbs each!  

The lounge at Tanner-Monagle is a great place to chill out during a session and watch the action in the large studio below. It also serves as kitchen, and has full audio tielines for use as a live recording space. Cut your horns in here!
My acoustical design called for wall fabric and 2" absorption panels in the big room for a target reverberation time that suits basic tracking dates & orchestral recordings. Curtain tracks and drapes also ring the room to vary decay times to suit the project at hand.  


This is the reception area and stairway to the upstairs north audio suite

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