w.e.bartolotta tunes from the tale Wonder

w.e.bartolotta tunes from the tale Wonder

w.e.bartolotta tunes from the tale Wonder

W.E. Bartolotta recently recorded fifteen songs at Mike Konopka’s Pie In the Sky studio  for Bartolotta’s unique musical production entitled Wonder.

Mike co-produced the music recordings with the author and also played guitar, bass, and sang backing vocals. Nic Barnum supplied additional guitar artistry along with backing vocals. Trish Ramsey added various percussion elements. Lead vocalist Bartolotta also anchored on piano, keyboards, and Hammond organ.

These sessions were truly joyful and adventurous. Author Bartolotta never lost sight of his work’s intentions. Yet he fostered an open and creative atmosphere where all involved felt encouraged to embellish and contribute. It was as much fun as stackin’ up a big of pile of vinyl 45’s and cranking up the old Zenith Hi-Fi!

w.e.bartolotta tunes from the tale Wonder
1955 Silvertone model #1392

Mike and Nic played several of Mike’s vintage guitars at Pie In The Sky. Including a 70’s Fender Statocaster, a Gibson 335,  and a Gibson 1966 SG Special. Also used were a Martin 0-15 acoustic, a Fender P bass, an Epiphone Coronet, and a 1940’s era Nation lap steel guitar. And don’t forget Uncle Layton’s Luigi Ricca mandolin!

Mike also used his collection of vintage tube guitar amps including a Supro Corsica, a black face Fender Super Reverb and a Silvertone model #1392 circa 1955. All were part of the rich and vibrant audio texture that is Wonder.

excerpt from wonder:

“Planet 78rpm, 3rd planet from the Spindle, tours the Jukebox Kosmos. 78 hosts an intergalactic microcosm of beings attending existence. Just on the fringes of the Label territories is Somewhere. On the south side of Somewhere is the Peas & Hominy, base camp of The Legendary Legionnaires of Leisure, home of the MojoJuke. It is here, Vunder van Voosehausen’s life ends and our tale begins.”

Listen to Wonder at w.e.bartolotta’s Soundcloud page

w.e.bartolotta tunes from the tale Wonder

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